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Our clients know that e-mail marketing is the best media channel in terms of engagement and ROI. They also know e-mail doesn’t perform for them as it should. Most companies have found that the biggest obstacle that stands between them and optimal results is their own limit of internal resources. Managing e-mail campaigns is not easy, it requires expertise and a dedicated professional team. Dos Monos provides publishers with a global solution to e-mail marketing, tailor fitted to their needs. We are not just another platform, we offer a full deployment of your campaigns from start to finish.

E-mail solution Consultancy

Sometimes things simply don't work. Your team is doing its best and the results don’t meet the goals. We can help you analyze and audit your assets and processes. Data handling, campaign elaboration, best practices and deliverability. We help you pinpoint the problem and deliver a full report with our recommendations that will show you ways to improve your e-mail marketing performance and your bottom line. We can also stay by your side helping you monitor your progress in deploying our recommendations. We will walk you hand in hand and provide continuous advice on how to keep improving your results.

E-mail solution Training

E-mail marketing is a job for professionals, and there are not so many around. We can help you train your team to perfection by using our huge knowledge base built over 12 years of experience in the field. Our engineers and analysts can help your team on each and every aspect of e-mail, from strategy thinking and best practices to deliverability expertise. We will help your people manage your data, create the right campaign to the right costumers, test and analyze results by using technology and knowledge until achieving the results you are hoping for. We also offer a help desk that can help you solve problems in any of the aspects of your e-mail campaign management.


Ad Operations solution Ad Ops Outsourcing

Ad Operations are a critical part of the online marketing industry. Publishers and networks alike rely on this important business function, but many times it is left to expensive mid-level employees whose talents would best be put to use on strategy and growth. With Dos Monos Outsourcing, you can free your key employees to focus on your core competencies without being bogged down in administrative tasks and marketing operations. Dos Monos is uniquely positioned to offer remote staffing and outsourcing services for the industry. With 12 years of digital marketing and lead generation experience we have become professionals in the process and analytics of Ad Operations. We can recruit and train employees for you, with a cost of employment which will be a fraction of your costs today. Our employees are all English speaking, and they are supported by our experts that train and supervise them. Contact us to learn more.



We can work side by side your marketing team executing their strategies and making them happen, provide you with the best ROI you can get, without the frustration and waste of time you are used to. We can provide the answer to your challenge – How to get the most out of e-mail using up to date tools managed by experts with huge experience and know-how.

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